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Nissan has just unveiled its action plan named "The Arc" and its sales projections for the next 3 years. The Japanese manufacturer aims for an additional 1 million units of growth per year of production by the end of 2026. To achieve this goal, the brand will launch 30 new models, including 16 electrified vehicles. 7 of these 30 new models will be offered in Canada.

In its statement, Nissan talks about electrified models, and that's where it gets interesting. Thus, everything indicates that hybrid and plug-in hybrid models will join the range of the Japanese manufacturer. Otherwise, it would have simply talked about electric vehicles.

It is also noted that out of these 30 new models, 14 will be gasoline models. Therefore, it can be expected that the manufacturer will renew a large part of its current lineup. Nissan aims for a lineup composed of 40% electrified vehicles by 2027. This figure is expected to rise to 60% by 2030. According to the brand's statements, more than 78% of its lineup will be completely renewed by 2027. Nissan is also expected to make an investment of over $200 million.

New technologies

In its plan, Nissan also plans to add new technologies to the majority of its vehicles. The Japanese manufacturer aims to refine the ProPILOT system with higher-level autonomous driving.

Nissan has been working extensively on its e-Power hybrid technologies, which are already available in Europe. It seems that the manufacturer has found a way to increase battery efficiency while reducing costs by 30%. This is excellent news for buyers.

The CEO of the brand, Makato Uchida, mentioned that "The Arc shows the brand's vision for the future. It illustrates our continuous progress and our ability to navigate in an ever-evolving market."

Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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