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When you hear Nismo, you think of the GT-R, the Sentra, or the 370z since the Japanese tuner made its name under the Nissan sports car. However, the Japanese manufacturer says Nismo's particular treatment is soon available on other vehicles. This time, the tuner wants to target a different audience. Trucks and SUVs are among the best-selling vehicle in North American, and that's precisely where Nismo wish to expand its lineup. 


With the Frontier as the only truck available in the Nissan lineup in North American, I think we can say for sure will be the one to receive Nismo medicine unless the American manufacturer is planning on implementing a new truck on the market soon. We don't have much information about what kind of treatment the Frontier could receive from Nismo. The Japanese tuner usually offers performance upgrades for the track. Nevertheless, as you might know, off-road vehicles are more popular than ever, and that's why we think Nismo could take this direction for the Nissan truck. 


Right now, nothing has been confirmed about Nismo's expansion on the North American market. Still, Takao Katagiri, Nismo's CEO, said to Automotive News there is some discussion about the subbrand expansion toward our market. 


Nismo SUV


This isn't the first time Nissan and Nismo are talking about making a performance SUV. A couple of years ago, the two companies created a Nismo version of the Juke that was pretty convincing. However, we think this time, the Japanese tuner will look for more oversized vehicles like the Pathfinder and even the Armada. I won't lie, this could be interesting to see. Rogue and Kicks could also get their Nismo version, but there's nothing official there as well. 


There are also rumors about some electric performance vehicles on the way. As you might know, the Arrival of the whole new Ariya is imminent, and the Leaf still is a smart car. I would love to see the Nismo version of both EVs. 


The New Z


Of course, even if Nissan hasn't talked about it yet, there will be a Nismo version of the new Z. 2022 is going to be the first year on the market for Nissan new toy, and it usually takes a couple of years before Nismo work on a new Z platform to give it some time. Like this, the tuner knows what the customers want for their Z, allowing them to develop new lines of performance parts. 




Just in case you didn't know, Nismo stands for is the contraction of Nissan Motorsport. The subbrand has been founded in 1984 and specialized in everything related to performance within the Nissan lineup. The tuning division became popular in the 90s with the rise of the Japanese sports car. 

I think we're all excited to see what is coming for Nismo in the next few years, and we know a Nismo truck could be a massive hit on the American market. 


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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